Interactive Attractions Price List

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Price – 5 hrs

Big Baller Challenge 35X21X12

One of our most popular interactive games for both kids and adults. Used in the popular tv show wipeout.
$750 retail
$700 planners

Rock-Climbing Wall – 20X20X30’ high

Traditional rock-climbing wall which replicates the real thing. Safe for both kids and adults.
$900 retail
$800 planners

Acro-Flight – 15X15’

Jump high on a trampoline while attached to a bungee. Can do summer salts and back spins or just jump.

Great for kids and adults
$850 retail
$750 planners

Euro Bungee trampoline - 30X30'

4 people can jump and do tricks at the same time. See who can go highest!
great for kids and adults
$1,100 retail
$950 planners

Orbitron Sphere – 10X10’

If you like to spin out – this is the ride for you. Orbit around in circles with your feet and arms strapped in.
$750 retail
$600 planners

Dunk tank – 7X4X9

Traditional-style glass dunk tank. Always a crowd favorite and very profitable – Dunk the coach, teacher, Principal
$600 retail

Laser Tag Maze - 25X35'

Get fired up in the huge laser tag maze - 10 rooms with lasers and fog machine
$900 retail
$800 planners

Bungee Run/Joust Combo – 30X17 Arena

Two great sports challenge games in one. See who can knock their opponent off the podium first or out run their competitor on a bungee cord
$400 retail
$350 planners

Wrecking Ball – 25x25x15 Arena

The player, who grabs it first, then hurls it at another player, trying to knock that player off. The last player standing is the champion.
$700 retail
$650 planners

Water Walking– 29X29

Kids and adults can walk on water inside an inflatable ball
$1,000 retail
$900 planners

Bumper Ball Soccer Game

$500 retail for 8 balls
$450 planners for 8 balls

Human Hamster Ball Race

4 people can race around cones inside their hamster ball on grass.
Great for kids and adults
$600 retail
$500 planners

Batter Up Baseball -20X13'

Inflatable baseball game. Players can step up to the plate and take part in batting practice as they hit baseballs into an enclosed "outfield." The back wall has strategic holes, with designated 10-point values for each hit. great for any baseball or softball event or fundraiser
$400 retail
$350 planners

Extreme Blaster

The Extreme Blaster is a fun competitive based game played standing side by side to your opponent, where your objective is to pump as quickly as possible to fill your balloon with air before your competitor beats you it, and pops their own balloon first. Great summer rental!
$400 retail
$350 planners

Jacobs Ladder

Test your climbing skills with our state of the art Jacobs Ladder. Great crowd attraction!
$550 retail
$500 planners

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