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Looking for an event planning company to help organize your company party or picnic? look no further. Elite Special events specializes in putting together fun and well-organized company parties. Elite will plan the entire event from start to finish. That includes getting the venue or park, ordering the food, getting the permits, setting up the games and entertainment and incorporating a theme.

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Elite Party Planner

An Elite Party Planner will be assigned to your party and take care of all the details.  All you and your employees need to do is show up with a good attitude and be ready to have fun!  It’s a great day when employees and their managers can have fun with their families and coworkers in a fun and relaxed environment. 

Here is the process of planning a good company party or picnic.

Company Party Themes

Most company parties or picnics have a fun theme each year to keep the event fresh. Examples of company party themes are as follows:


Example of good venues for Company Parties or Picnics:

*Elite has a list of venues that specialize in company parties

A Company You Can Trust.

Like all events its important to hire a company like Elite Special Events to organize your company picnic. It takes knowledge and experience to put on a well-planned company party that employees look forward to each year. Elite Special Events has been organizing parties like this for over 20 years. Among their regular clients are Van’s Shoe Company,  The Anaheim Marketplace, T-mobile, Credit Union,  City of Los Alamitos and City of Inglewood.
By the end of your company picnic your employees will feel much closer to their managers and coworkers and feel more like part of the team than ever before.

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