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If your looking for a great fundraiser for your school then look no further. There is simply no better way to raise money then a good old-fashioned school carnival! Elite Special Events is the leader in Southern California at promoting, organizing and providing equipment for Elementary School Carnivals. We are an approved CAPTA vendor.

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We will guide your committee through the process from start-to-finish. Not only do we own the most popular rides, inflatables and games for school carnivals but will show you how to sell tickets and maximize profits at the same time. With more than 100 school carnivals under our belt we know what it takes to make a successful event that will grow over the years.  We also do Grad Nights and High School Events!

What to look for when hiring a carnival company for your school:

How to start the process

Call and set up a meeting with an Elite manager. They will come to your school and meet with your committee and do a walkthrough of the campus and suggest an area and good layout for the carnival. Once hired Elite will put together a plot plan that school can use to give to volunteers, vendors and workers. Our staff will help in any way possible from assisting with booking vendors, entertainment and pulling permits.
Elite Special Events does carnivals in Orange County, Los Angeles and Inland Empire. Call today for your free consultation.!

What Rides and Games do you suggest

At school carnivals you want inflatables and games that are easy to setup that can accommodate a lot of kids in a short amount of time. Typical school carnivals are held on Friday after school from 3-7pm. Here is a typical school carnival package:

Of course, every school has a different budget but this is your typical package.

Staffing the Carnival

The best thing about school carnivals is the access to volunteers so it saves your school money on staffing the event.  Elite will set the entire show up and have a few managers stay and supervise and train your volunteers.  If your school has trouble getting volunteers then elite can have their entire staff stay and attend all the rides if necessary.  Elite will also help your committee with selling tickets and wristbands at the event.  Typically, schools will do a presale wristband that is sold at the office for a discounted rate then also sell tickets and wristbands at the event for full price.  Elite will help you with pricing and staffing of each ride to help maximize profits.

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Outside Vendors

In addition to the Rides and Games most school carnivals also bring in local businesses to sell food or food trucks, jewelry, face painting, Crazy Hair vendor, snack machines like popcorn and cotton candy, Dj with music and slot car racing.  Elite has contacts with all these additional outside vendors and can help you book them.  These outside vendors not only help raise more money but also add to the event as a whole.

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