• All Games below come fully equipped with 10X10 booth with side walls and tops.

  • Price includes setup and teardown by our event staff:

Lined-Up Booths:

Balloon Darts – each player gets 3 darts to throw at board full of balloons. Pop 3 for big prize, 2 for small prize

Frog Catapult – Player is given a mallet to try and catapult the frog across the booth into a bucket. Two tries.
Milk Jug Throw – Two large Cow-like Milk Jugs are placed in a booth. One in the front for kids and one in the back for adults. Try and throw ball inside the jugs to win. Make 2 for large prize or one for small prize.Potty Toss – Player is given two balls to try and make the ball inside the cup of the mini toilet. Can also play with roll of toilet paper to make more challenging
Spill the Milk – 5 metal bottles are stacked in a pyramid style on a stand at the rear of a booth. Player must knock all 5 bottles off stand to win. one attendant
Dip Bowling – Player rolls a regulation bowling ball down a track that has a small hill midway on the middle of the track. Object is to keep the ball in the middle dip in the middle to win. Two tracks and balls are provided. 1 attendant
Tic-Tac-Toe – Player gets 3 balls in which they throw into a 9 hole hopper in the form of Tic-Tac-Toe. Balls must go straight across or diagonal like the game tic tac toe to winFootball throw – Player must throw football through rubber tire. Make more challenging by swinging tire back and fourth. One attendant
Seven/Eleven -Three individual hoppers type tables are utilized here. Each table having numbers 1-6. Players receive two balls in which they throw into the hopper. Two balls must add up to 7 or 11 to win. 11 wins large prize 7 wins small prizeHockey Shoot – At the rear of the booth is a hockey cage cutout with goalie. There are three hole cutouts on the goalie figure. If player shoots puck through one of the holes they are a winner. Make all three for large prize, make two for small prize. 1 attendant.
Mini basketball – two Jr. Sized basketball stands are placed at the rear of the booth. Player gets three shots. Make all 3 for large prize, make 2 for small prizeDuck Pond – Player must throw ring around the rubber duck that circulates around a water pool. One ring around duck wins prize.
Coke Bottle Pitch – Player gets 10 rubber rings and has to make one around the top of a glass coke bottle.Line-A-Line – You roll the balls trying to make a line either straight across or in a diagonal. Player gets five balls. All must be in a straight line to win
Bean bag throw – Try and throw bean bags threw the mouth of the clown board. 2 bean bags. One attendantRing the bull – Player must make metal ring around the nose of the bull which is a metal hook coming off the nose of the bull board. 1 attendant
Cross Bow – A plastic cross bow is used with suction cup darts. The object of the game is to shoot at colored squares on a board at the opposite end of the booth. Green receives small prize, blue large prize. 2 attendantsCone Hoop – Wooden blocks with plastic bowling pins mounted on the blocks are placed on stuffed toys at the rear of the booth. Players receive 4 rings. The object is to toss the rings over the bowling pin and encircle the entire block to win. Learners do not win. 2 attendants
Lilly Pond – A wading pool filled with water has miniature buoys floating in the water. Bowls are placed into the buoys and a water pump activates the water keeping the buoys circulating. Player receives 4 ping pong balls for $1 or 9 for $2. Player must make balls in moving lily ponds to win.Ring Toss – Player gets three rings that they have to throw around the color coded pegs on a board. Red wins large prize, blue wins small prize
Starburst – player throws bean bags at starburst targets. knock over two for small prize knock over three for large prizeLucky Balls – Player tries to throw ball in yellow circle to win. three balls. make two for small prize and three for large prize
Extreme Blaster Water War – The Extreme Blaster is a fun competitive based game played standing side by side to your opponent, where your objective is to pump as quickly as possible to fill your balloon with air before your competitor beats you it, and pops their own balloon first. Great summer rental!Batter Up Baseball – 20X13’inflatable baseball game. Players can step up to the plate and take part in batting practice as they hit baseballs into an enclosed “outfield.” The back wall has strategic holes, with designated 10-point values for each hit. great for any baseball or softball event or fundraiser
Dunk the Duck – Try and knock over a row of ducks with small bean bag. Four shots to knock them all down


Center Booths:















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