Rides Price List

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Price – 5 hrs

Trackless Train – 4

Cars/36’ long
This family favorite holds up to 18 passengers and can travel anywhere around your event. Can travel on both grass or cement.
$800 retail
$750 planners

Toontown Train – 3

State of the art trackless train that will grab any kids attention. Runs best on concrete
$850 retail
$800 planners

Mechanical Bull – 20x20 arena (kids & adults)

Always a crowd favorite - this challenging bull is sure to be a hit with your clients. Full-headed bull with inflatable arena. Safe for all!
$1,400 retail
$1,200 planners

Robo Surf – 18X18 arena (kids & adults)

This Surfer simulator is a big hit with kids and adults. Great for school and corporate party beach themed events. Fall onto inflatable arena.
$1,400 retail
$1,200 planners

Large Century Wheel – 75’ high

This is the largest Ferris Wheel on the market can be seen from miles away and lights up the sky. Great for movie shoots or events where you want to make your presence known
$10,000 retail
$9,500 planners

Traditional Ferris Wheel – 45’ high

This is the piece every real carnival must have. Lights up the sky and makes a statement. Same wheel you see at state fairs and large carnivals
$5,000 retail
$4,800 planner

Mini Ferris wheel – 20X15X24’ high

This mechanical ride will take your event to the next level without breaking the budget. Great for kids under 12. Lights up at night
$950 retail
$800 planners

Buccaneer Ship – Kids 15X8

Pirate ship that goes back and fourth. Great for school carnivals or events with young kids
$800 retail
$700 planners

Super Fun Slide – 100X12X50’

Kids and adults can race down the Acrylic slide three lanes on sacks. Lights up at night
$2,800 retail
$2,700 planners

Merry-Go-Round – 30X30 (18 horses)

Always a favorite with the kids. This classic carnival ride will impress your guests and set the tone for your entire event. Lights up!
$4,000 retail
$3,800 planners

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