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Price – 5 hrs

Traditional Game Booths – 10X10'

These colorful game booths will make for a festive game area at your carnival or party.
$120 retail
$100 planners


Classic Game Booths – 10X10'

These hand-painted classic game booths are our most popular for school carnivals and company parties. They give your carnival that festive old school carnival look
$140 retail
$120 planners

Center Game booth – 15X15'

For games needed to be played on all four sides like coin toss, gold fish toss, duck pond
$150 retail
$130 planners

Radar Speed Pitch - dimensions 20X10'

Great for all ages - See who can throw the fastest. Great for baseball and softball fundraisers
$500 retail
$450 planners

Kids High Striker - 5' tall

Perfect for kids 12 and under to test their strength
$100 retail
$80 planners

Adult high Striker - 14' tall

For adults to test their strength at fairs and festivals
$600 retail
$550 planners

Batter Up

Inflatable baseball game. Players can step up to the plate and take part in batting practice as they hit baseballs into an enclosed "outfield." The back wall has strategic holes, with designated 10-point values for each hit. great for any baseball or softball event or fundraiser
$400 retail
$350 planner

Sports Game Inflatable – 20X20'

3-In-One sports game with soccer, baseball and basketball. Easy for one attendant to staff.
$400 retail
$350 planners

Jacobs Ladder

Test your climbing skills with our state of the art Jacobs Ladder. Great crowd attraction!
$600 retail
$550 planners

Big Baller Challenge 35X21X12

One of our most popular interactive games for both kids and adults. Used in the popular tv show wipeout.
$750 retail
$700 planners

Snowball Game

Try and hit your opponent with snowballs as they hide behind targets - great game for kids holiday events and snow day parties!
$100 Each

Santa Toss Game

Throw presents from santa into the sled to win holiday prizes - Great game for holiday events!
$100 Each

Picnic Game Jenga

This life-size Jenga game is a huge hit for adults and kids at any party or family Gathering
$100 Each

Picnic Game Connect 4

Everyone loves playing the traditional game Conncet 4 - this life-size version will really be a big hit at your party.
$100 Each

Picnic Game Corn Hole

A crowd favortie at any picnic or company party. we have many Cornhole games to choose from.
$100 Each

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